Welcome to Our Party

The people’s President and great Visionary Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam lived the legendary life and he was the Role Model for the Millions of youth of the Nation. He inspired the youth, people of all walks of life and motivated them to set a big goal in life by saying “Small Aim is a Crime”. He always believes and insists that every citizen should be a leader to make India as developed Nation. He trusts that the Nation can achieve the goal only by participation of all the people and therefore he said, “I am not here to lead you, I am not here to follow you, Let us walk together, towards the Vision for the developed Nation”.

It is with this vision and with a view to ignite the minds of youth, promote inclusive policies and good governance so that the like-minded citizens of India and the youth come together to realize the vision of Dr. KALAM have decided to form a new political formation – “ABDUL KALAM VISION INDIA PARTY”

  • Ponraj Vellaichamy

  • Advisor to Abdul Kalam Vision India Party

About Me

Ponraj Vellaichamy is an ADA Scientist and Technical Advisor to Late His Excellency The 11th President of India A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. He has co-authored the book Manifesto for Change along with Dr.Kalam in the year 2014. Mr. Ponraj has also taken the responsibility of completing the Tamil book, Puyalai Thaandinal Thendral which targets the vision for the development of Tamil Nadu State that Dr. Kalam and Ponraj has been co-authoring while the former was alive. Ponraj has also anchored the editorial team of the Billion Beats e-paper.